Real People, Real Results

"In just 6 months my pants size went from a 42 to now being a 32! I have so much more energy again and I got my confidence back! The SorTraining Program works!"
~Guillermo Torres
"I lost 40lbs in 3 months!
As a business owner I didn't think I had the time to exercise. SorTrainings program made it quick and easy"
~Ingrid Diaz
In less then 2 months of using the SorTraining Program I went from 250lbs to 210lbs. I have much more ENERGY and I feel great. The program is simple and it fits my lifestyle.
~Edison Quiles 
"From being in a wheel chair after a severe car accident to now, just 5 months later. I am now able to walk and do all everyday movements with zero pain!"
~Dalma Tomas
"I dropped 6 dress sizes in 5 months!  I can't believe this is me now! I just followed my custom program. No going cold turkey either. Just step by step progressions!"
~Riki Williams
"Since Training with Seth. I have lost 52lbs and dropped 5 dress sizes!  Easy meal plan, never felt starved and fun exercise routines! He helped me gain my confidence back!
~Elizabeth Valdes